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So yea, you might have read my earlier post about how pissed off I was at some hate group against me, 0'ing all of my work. Well I honestly don't care, because I'm done with NG. I will never upload anything of worth to this site ever again, until the reform of the AP takes place.

I was also not going to state this publicly, but I guess it doesn't really matter. I'll be sending out a mass PM to all of the people who favorited me as an artist, and telling them about me leaving NG and where to find me if they want to continue to follow me.

And if my hate group is reading this, go to my website and check out my other places of upload as well. There's not much you guys can do on other sites, except place worthless, unjustified hate comments or reviews that I can just delete. And no I'm not that stuck up, if someone posts a review of my work that contains legitimate critisism, I won't get rid of it, in fact I'll just use the advice. I have before. But if someone just posts some hate comments, yea I will delete them.

Thanks for everything NG! I had a good run. Time to move on to bigger and better things.


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