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Absolutely amazing.

The best flash movie I've seen in a long time. I didn't quite get the part with the bad guys on the bikes (but that might be cause I never saw any of the other episodes, I'll go watch them now), but I loved it.

Words can't describe how amazingly animated this is and the epicness of the storyline. Great job!!!!!!!

Nice job!

I liked it. I thought it was very funny XD. Nice animation. Looked very retro.

I have but one question... what is the song during the part where it says "Fuck X-mas"??

That was amazing!

Absolutely stunning. The animation was pretty good in some parts, and the storyline was extremely detailed and perfect. Great fuckin job you guys. A flash of Epic proportions.

TheStarSyndicate responds:

glad you enjoyed it thanks for the nice review

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Good fun!

A very nice and classic retro-styled game, like you said. I gave up at 29/32 because it was simply too difficult for me and there were no pixels left to get.

Ah well, still fun but I wish I could have beaten it, I also wish it was a bit easier so it could be more fun.

I liked it up until the point where

You have to shoot the senator and you can't kill the fucking cops. I mean, why doesn't he just drive the hell out of there, or be able to shoot the guys in the head while they are in plain sight. Also, even when they aren't couching and shooting at you, they don't fucking die. They just disappear and then another one comes running out. How the hell am I supposed to kill endless cops?

The graphics weren't bad. Not too good with grammar or spelling I see.

Wayyy too difficult.

The animation wasn't half bad, but the game play was terrible. Sorry.

Some advice:

1) Don't make the swimming function like that. Make it so that you just hold in the right key or something.
2) Don't make it so that you have to sit there repeatedly pressing the space bar just to fill up your breath meter. That's extremely unrealistic. One breath should do the trick.

Better luck next time :)

williamtwq responds:

um if i had made the game movement as you had sugested it wouldnt be a game at all i sould edit to have more variables instead of the current 3 max speed, mn speed and no speed but the breathing is a good point thanks!

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Really professional!

God do I hate leaving short reviews, but I don't know much what to say.

The first thing that popped into my head is that it sounded like something from Age of Mythology or Age of Empires if you've ever played those games, especially the parts with less piano.

Anyways, the song is incredibly well mastered, but I guess you don't really have to do much with such a quiet song overall. Everything just fits perfectly, and sounds perfect.

Kudos to you my friend, sounds amazing.


Dear god...

Sorry in advance for such a short review, but I'm just so awestruck...

This has to be like the 30th some time I've listened to this song, and I still keep loving it more every time. It has to be one of the best Dubstep songs I've ever heard. If you had mastered it a little better, it would be completely perfect, but even so it's still at the top of my list. Everything about it is just incredible.

Is it OK with you if I use this in my next live show? That would be so awesome!!!


mr-jazzman responds:

Dude, of course, use it! >=D And I DID remaster it, it just got 0-bombed to oblivion because it apparently didn't have enough bass. I'm thinking about just redoing the song from scratch altogether again, since it's a difficult one to master. Thanks man!


This is incredibly great! It's really nicely over compressed, which is your style but it sounds oh so good! All the synths are really profession and so is the overall song. You're like the classic Newgrounds style man!! I can't believe you're not more popular!

This was really really good and I really liked it, as I do pretty much all of your music. I really hope you get to the top someday man.


Hey everyone. I'm Alex, and I make music in FL 8. I almost never use presets though, so you can't complain that my music isn't original. :)

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