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Reflections &amp;gt;Dubstep&amp;lt; Reflections >Dubstep<

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Dear god...

Sorry in advance for such a short review, but I'm just so awestruck...

This has to be like the 30th some time I've listened to this song, and I still keep loving it more every time. It has to be one of the best Dubstep songs I've ever heard. If you had mastered it a little better, it would be completely perfect, but even so it's still at the top of my list. Everything about it is just incredible.

Is it OK with you if I use this in my next live show? That would be so awesome!!!


mr-jazzman responds:

Dude, of course, use it! >=D And I DID remaster it, it just got 0-bombed to oblivion because it apparently didn't have enough bass. I'm thinking about just redoing the song from scratch altogether again, since it's a difficult one to master. Thanks man!

ellipse ellipse

Rated 5 / 5 stars


This is quite a nice DnB track. The drums flow very nicely, the reese is extremely well crafted, and the filtering on the reese is great as well. I think your addition of piano was very good, too.

Very epic piano breakdown. Kudos to you, you're a great piano player.

Overall, this was a great track. Nice transitions, cool effects in the background, great drums, and a very nice melody. Nice work!


broove responds:

Thanks for a great review. But I'm not a piano player at all ;)

Dj Walom - 11 Dj Walom - 11

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


The Trance elements were OK, cause the kick is too soft and you used a very generic supersaw, but the piano work was amazing!!! You are truly talented with using a piano. Nice work with that. You should try making your own synths, or just don't use supersaws for Trance.

And for the kick, it sounds like you used Fruit Kick in FL Studio. I suggest getting VEC or VEE for your kicks, they sound a lot better and will in turn make your songs sound a lot better.

Not too bad mastering, but it's a little over compressed, being that with the kick rolls, it lowers the volume too much.

You captivated me with this song, you just need to fix up your kick, and the other elements that I stated. The piano work was amazing and great. Nice job.


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DjWalom responds:

thx dude ;)

|MP| Exstasis |MP| Exstasis

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Eh, alright.

Many things could be fixed with this song. To start off with, the hi-hats are too choppy, and shouldn't be like that cause they destroy the atmosphere of the song.

Another thing, some of the stutters in the melody are wrong and at the wrong places and make it sound like you're trying too hard just to put stutters in there, you don't need stutters. Also, the melody I believe you told me that you make, is off key. The last couple notes (1:06-1:08) just sound all over the place.

And now the piano... the notes aren't really placed all that good, giving the piano an electronic sound to it. You need to vary them more, compared to having 3 right next to each other in quick succession.

The bass... don't do the bass like that. Just no, lol. You can use that type of melody for an extra background/rhythmic synth, but don't use it for the bass, cause it disrupts the kick.

Also, the kick is wayyy too weak. for these kinds of songs, you need a MUCH more powerful kick.

Overall, it was OK. Not too great, but not all that bad either. I liked the melody, but I feel you could have done a much better job with the song.


MuzikProd responds:

"Another thing, some of the stutters in the melody are wrong and at the wrong places and make it sound like you're trying too hard just to put stutters in there, you don't need stutters. Also, the melody I believe you told me that you make, is off key. The last couple notes (1:06-1:08) just sound all over the place."

I konw. I couldn't get them right and I only did stutters to make it seem faster. I hate the 1:06 -1:08 notes too, they suck. Too bad.

Anyways. It dosnt matter now.

(all my songs get 7s -_-)

Skela - water Skela - water

Rated 5 / 5 stars


This is amazing! You simply must make it longer!

Everything about this song is perfect. The melodies are great, and the synths chosen work with the melodies perfectly! The drum samples are great, and the mastering is impeccable!

This is incredibly well done. Nice job, my friend!


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Skela responds:

Thanks, but the reason I posted this song unfinished is becouse I'm not gonna work on it anymore.
I will however send the Reason file to anyone who might continue on it.

The Empire The Empire

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I like this one more

Than your other song that I just reviewed. This one is more well done, even though you used the same drum loop!

Very nicely done 8-bit. Sounds like something from Mario Tennis for the Game Boy Color!


Invecta responds:

Thanks man. :)

Mystery Paralel Mystery Paralel

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Not bad.

Pretty cool actually. I don't think it should have as low of a score as it does, but hey.

Anyways, I can't say much about this since I produce more Progressive Trance, but this is a good song and I do like it.


Invecta responds:

Thank Guy. ;)

RD Dance of the Storm RD Dance of the Storm

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Nice job!

Considering this being the first song with a new program, I can tell you're an extremely experienced artist and you know what you're doing.

The beat is a little lacking, but the rest of the song makes up for it. I'm really liking the samples and FX in the beginning of the song, it's really cool.

And then you just throw the "cheap repetitive Dance" in there. Even though it might be "cheap" or "repetitive", it still works! This song is not a bad song at all, and it's your first with a new program. I am extremely impressed. I wish I could have done something this well when I first opened FL Studio!

This song also has some very nice mastering as well. You obviously figured out how to use all that all ready, so even more props to you.

May I ask which program you are using?

Anyways, great song. Kudos to you for making such a nicely done song with a brand new program with which you have no experience with.


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RopeDrink responds:

Thank you very much!
The program is EJAYVMS.

Mastering is pretty basic as I gave it all a quick-soft sheen once the overall tune had been done but again, I wasn't entirely sure of how to do it as there's so many features.

You're right with the beat - When I make songs I tend to envelop it around the beat, but this time it was hard to come up with one on this occasion so hopefully I'll be able to beat it ^^

[DJ-G] Lost Destinations (V2) [DJ-G] Lost Destinations (V2)

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Eh, not so good.

The song itself is too loud. Fix some of the synth levels and it would sound better.

Not only that, but the melodies were too short, a little off key, and got repetitive. There's way too much unwanted distortion in this song. It would sound a lot better if you fixed your melodies and the volumes of the synths.

Also, you're forgetting your buildups! You have some partial ones in there but nothing worth noting. Parts of the song seem like transitions that just drag on, and then the climaxes seem like they just continue to drag on as well.

Not too bad of a song, but it's way too long for it's own good, and it's too loud and distorted. Watch some mastering videos on YouTube to get the hang of mastering.

I hope you don't consider me an enemy now. I'm just trying to provide constructive criticism to help you out :)


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DJ-Galax responds:

Thanks for the constructive criticism. I'll try and fix stuff you mentioned.

{Meinsla} Dystopia {Meinsla} Dystopia

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Not bad.

Pretty nice work you got here. Very simple, yet it all works perfectly.

I like the synths, nice work with them. Good melodies, and nice mastering. I'm not quite sure if you actually did any hardcore mastering, but it never gets distorted and all the sounds are at perfect levels.

Don't stop making music my friend, you are quite good at it.


meinsla responds:

Thank you. :) :)